Identifications versus Identities: The Indian Muslim Religious Identity Syndrome


  • Anwar Moazzam Former Professor of Islamic Studies at Osmania University, Hyderabad, India


Indian Muslim identaties, functioning of identaties, formation of identaties, Urdu language, Urdu literature, Sufism, free form all ideological bonds, universal love


The article examines the Indian identities which have their own distinct history and geographical values and theories developed in the Western societies and cultures don’t help in the understanding of Asian and Indian identities.The article primarily focuses social landscape of India but it cites some of the very relevant examples of Urdu poetry. The article writer goes on to say that the best specimen of ghazal’s identity-less culture is the poetry of Mir Taqi Mir. On the other hand, the article writer points out that during the last 65 years Indian culture has changed into a culture of political / electoral identities.The article explains the identities clustered under these major categories such as gender, culture, language, ethnicity and ideology. The article briefs Muslims religious identities and their sub-identities.


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