ڈاکٹر محمد انصاراللہ کے خطوط بہ نام شمس بدایونی


  • شمس بدایونی


The article presents 36 letters of a known literary researcher Muhammad Ansar-ullah written to the writer of this article, along with detailed notes in the end about issues discussed in these letters. In his letter the writer guides about book editing skills and research to the receiver. Being a senior writer, he gives details on many issues which the receiver missed in his works. He mentions many new names and rare books for him to guide him to his interests of research. The letters shed light on the conduct of his research that he was not among those who were in haste to publish their research. In one the letters published; he requested the recipient to return his research about Urdu riddles as he has found some new details worthy of adding in it.

Keywords: Letters of a researcher, research writing, editing skills


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