Scholarship of Kasim Ali Sajun Lal: Pre and Post-Mutiny Urdu Newspapers


  • Muhammad Zeeshan Akhtar


The article presents the scholarship of Professor Kasim Ali Sajun Lal which demands compilation. He was famous for his collection of Urdu newspapers but his articles brought us to the nineteenth century when Urdu journalistic outlets began to pour in. He presented the truth about the Urdu press of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries yet highlighted with great decency. The void found in the research of famous Urdu and non-Urdu historians and scholars regarding the Urdu Press. His articles on history of India are replete with information which enable its readers to see the social and political history of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of India. He published a book Auckland’s Foreign Policy comprising ten secret letters of the year 1841 which throw a light on the events of the Governor-Generalship of Lord Auckland.


Keyword: Urdu newspaper, pre and post mutiny, Urdu press


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